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1-A. Do you have an opening for the 2023-2024 school year?    
Sorry!, we don't have an opening 
1) Little Lambs Class (2-3 years old) - 15 out of 15 /  No opening  
New application will be placed into waiting list
2) Good Shepherd Class (3-4 years old) - 18 out of 18 /  No openings New application will be placed into waiting list
3) Son Shine Class / PreK (4-5 years old) - 16 out of 16 / No opening  -New application will be placed into waiting list   

4) King's Kids Class / PreK (4-5 years old) - 21 out of 21 / No opening  -New application will be placed into waiting list   


1-B. How can I place my child on the waiting list?
You can place your child on our waiting list by submitting the application form and fee.
Once we receive the application form and fee, your child
will be on our waiting list,
and we notify parents as soon as we have any changes.

1-C. What types of payment does your school accept?
Online payment option ONLY via QuickBooks system
We email parents the invoice with online payment via bank transfer option

2. How many students do you have in school? 
We are licensed to have 75 students

3. How much is the monthly tuition for 2023-2024 school year? 
For 2 years old: 
A schedule 8am-11:30am $730

B schedule 8am-2:30pm $840
C schedule 7am-5pm $975

For 3,4,5 years old:
A schedule 8am-11:30am $700
B schedule 8am-2:30pm $810
C schedule 7am-5pm $960

4. Do we need to pack snack and lunch for kids?
No, you don't need to pack snack and/or lunch for your child.
we provide snacks and lunch with no extra cost.
We are a sponsor school of CACFP /USDA food program.

5. Can I schedule a tour with your school?
Absolutely, call us at 808-949-7548 or email us at
to schedule a tour with us. We highly recommend you to bring your child for a tour.

5-a. How long is the tour?
30 minutes to one hour

5-b. When is the tour?
Monday-Friday, starting at 5:30pm
We schedule a tour when it doesn't interfere with our school activities.

6. What is your school daily schedule for children?

7. Can I get your school calendar?
Absolutely, you can

8. What is your student-teacher ratio?
1) Little Lambs Class (2 years old) : 15 students - 2 staff / 1:7.5 (1 teacher, 1 Aide)
2) Good Shepherd Class (3 years old) : 18 students - 2 staff / 1:9 (1 teacher, 1 Aide)
3) Son Shine Class (4 years old) : 16 students - 2 staff / 1:8 (1 teacher, 1 Aide)
4) King's Kids Class (4-5 years old) : 20 students - 2 staff / 1:10 (1 teacher, 1 Aide)

9. How do you ensure to keep students safe and healthy in Covid-19 situation?

We follow the state requirements, guideline of  school operation from the state.

1) Drop off / Pick up Protocol /- Health Screening Station 
We only allow students and staff to enter the facility during our school operation hours (7am-5pm)
Parents and Guardians will need to drop off/ pick up a child at the gate with our designated staff
Our health screening station will be at the gate running by the designated/trained staff. 
We check every child's temperature, and screen any signs of illness (runny nose, cough, headache and etc)

1-a) Procare App / Contactless sign in & out system
Parents will receive the invitation code to set up the Procare App account to
sign in/out a child. We don't use a paper and pen sign in/out system anymore to reduce
any possible virus transmission.

2) Disinfecting schedule

a. We disinfect high touch areas/surfaces throughout the day
b. We disinfect classroom toys and furniture 
c. We ventilate classroom throughout the day
d. We use air purifier for each class

3) Snacks and Lunch time

Each student has a separate plate and utensils for snacks and lunch time
Students are required to wash hands before and after snacks, lunch time

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